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Valandra by Tristan Vick – A YA Sword and Sorcery Fantasy with a Lesbian Protagonist

The Twelve Kingdoms of Valandra are under threat. Ever since the Great War thirty years ago, Valandra has been fractured. Now, an ancient evil has awakened, and the wraith knight Ashram has risen to lead an army of the dead against the broken reals. And Arianna De Amato, who witnessed her master’s death at the hands of Ashram, is out for revenge. With the mystical sword, the Moon Blade, she journeys to hunt down whoever is responsible for resurrecting Ashram. With the aid of her apprentice, Lisette Durante, a debonair thief named Lief Ericson, and a dark elf, Alegra Lockwiel, she embarks on a harrowing quest that will test the limits of their friendship and their strength – against Ashram, and an army that might prove to be too much for them.


Our Summary

Valandra is a YA sword and sorcery fantasy novel set in the Twelve Kingdoms of Valandra. The story follows the lesbian protagonist Arianna De Amato, who wants to hunt down the person who summoned the deadly Ashram. With the help of her mystical Moon Blade and her friends, Arianna seeks revenge against those responsible for the death of her master. Fans of Huntress and Throne of Glass will love this epic magical fantasy novel that will keep you thrilled until the very end.

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About the Author

Tristan Vick has degrees in English Literature and Asian Cultural Studies from Montana State University. He lives with his family in Japan, and can speak fluent Japanese. He teaches English and spends his time reading, writing, blogging, and binge-watching his favorite TV shows. He also loves eating sara-udon. You can visit him online at, and follow him on Twitter @BikkuriVick.

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Preview the Book

Valandra is a magical fantasy book that will appeal to fans of sword and sorcery, epic fantasy, sprawling settings, revenge stories, magical blades, dead armies, otherworldly villains, and LGBT protagonists.

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