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Wanderlust and Heartstrings: A Review of “People We Meet on Vacation”

book review

With “People We Meet on Vacation,” Emily Henry takes readers on a delightful roller-coaster ride of emotions, past summers, and rekindled connections. The first time I flipped open this book, I felt as if I was embarking on a summer trip, complete with all the feels, laughs, and inevitable introspectio

Plot Summary

The story spotlights Poppy and Alex, two best friends with absolutely nothing in common, save for their shared hometown. Every summer for a decade, they’ve spent a vacation together, exploring different destinations and creating memories. However, after a falling out two years ago, they haven’t spoken to each other. Poppy, feeling the void that Alex left in her life, decides on one last trip to salvage their friendship and perhaps even rekindle their deeper, unspoken feelings. Through alternating timelines, readers journey through their past vacations, discovering the turning points in their relationship, leading up to the pivotal moment of their estrangement.

7 Notable Quotes

  1. “Travel not to escape life, but to ensure life doesn’t escape you.”
  2. “Every journey is marked not by the places we visit but by the people we’re with.”
  3. “Love is not about finding someone to live with, but finding someone you can’t imagine living without.”
  4. “Some places resonate with us not because of the location, but because of who we were when we were there.”
  5. “Adventures are best shared, especially with the one who truly knows you.”
  6. “Time may heal, but memories linger, etching themselves onto the soul.”
  7. “New places, old feelings; every journey is a circle coming back to the heart.”

My Review

“People We Meet on Vacation” is not just a tale of travel escapades, but one of soul-searching, redemption, and the complexities of love and friendship. Emily Henry’s sharp wit and emotional depth shine throughout the narrative, making it as much about self-discovery as it is about reconnection. Her characters are vivid and relatable, and the chemistry between Poppy and Alex is palpable, adding layers to their shared history. Readers will be drawn into their evolving relationship, rooting for reconciliation and perhaps even a romantic future.

Rating: 4.8/5

TV or Film Adaptations

To the best of my knowledge up to 2021, “People We Meet on Vacation” hasn’t been adapted to the screen yet. Still, its vibrant backdrop and nuanced relationship dynamics would undoubtedly make for a captivating cinematic experience.

Author Bio
Emily Henry is a contemporary author known for crafting stories that seamlessly blend romance, humor, and heartfelt moments. Her novels often delve into relationships, personal growth, and the magic of second chances.

FAQ or Reading Questions

  1. How do the different vacation destinations reflect the stages of Poppy and Alex’s relationship?
  2. Discuss the importance of vulnerability in reconnecting with lost friends.
  3. What role does timing play in the dynamics of their relationship?
  4. How do Poppy’s and Alex’s personal evolutions impact their perceptions of each other?
  5. Dive into the idea of “home” as presented in the novel. How does the concept evolve for both characters?

Where to Buy
“People We Meet on Vacation” can be procured from major book retailers, your local independent bookstores, and online marketplaces such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Book Depository. Dive into its pages and let Emily Henry whisk you away on a journey of love, laughter, and self-discovery.

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