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War and Vegetables by Robert Run – An Economics Satire In A Small Town

Recovering from the low-intensity warfare of corporatism. That’s what three college grads and a small town do, as they rebuild the town and their gas station, after decades of political feuds, finagling, and bail-outs. When no one is really sure who holds things together, who is responsible for training corporatist infiltrators, or what’s going to happen to the old gas station now that the oil subsidies have been cut, the small town looks for joy in the throes, and start again from the ground up. And this begins by enlisting the help of the local farmers, setting up a Farmer’s Market, and eliminating the need for middlemen in the process.



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Our Summary

War & Vegetables is an economics satire book. It follows the inhabitants of a small town, and three college grads, as they recover from their fight against a large corporation and built their rehabilitate their town and the gas station from the ground up. Fans of Christopher Moore will love this economic satire that will keep you rooting for the heroes until the very end.

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What Readers Are Saying

Overall, I believe that this book is an inspiration for all those who feel depressed in life and are unwilling to take a different path. You never know, a new path might be just a little prettier.” – Swara Sangeet, ★★★★
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Excellent!” – Mazie Miles, Amazon reviewer ★★★★★
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About the Author

You can check out Robert’s book website at, and follow him on Twitter @robertrunwords.
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Preview the Book

War & Vegetables is a small-town satire book that will appeal to fans of speculative fiction, environmental economics, criticism, fights against corporations, recovering towns, and relatable characters.

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