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Wings of Light by Lloyd Baron – An Epic Coming-of-Age Fantasy

The war-torn world of Atlantia drifts through its unnatural stars, waiting until the forbidden prophecy finally tears it apart. Darwin’t Utsa lives with his aunt on the outskirts of the quiet farming village of Hillsbough. He dreams of nothing but escaping the dull town and going on an adventure. On his birthday, Darwin’t receives that which he has always wished for, as he is chosen to herald the forbidden prophecy. Tasked by a mysterious girl with wings of light, Darwin’t must find the Last Princess, and protect her from impending darkness. But tragedy strikes, and his home is ravaged by flames. With a small group of friends, Darwin’t flees into the forest – running headfirst into the dead and twisted Razzork, a wizard who desperately wants to see the prophecy fail. As the first of Darwin’t’s group falls, the rest scatter into the night, hunted by an evil that wants to see them dead. Suddenly Darwin’t is faced with a challenged that endangers his own life – will he find the Last Princess, when all he really wants is to return to his quiet and peaceful life?

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Our Summary

Wings of Light is an epic coming-of-age fantasy set in the world of Atlantia. It follows Darwin’t, a boy who only wants to go on an adventure – and finds it the day he is tasked to search for the Last Princess. But tragedy strikes as his hometown burns and he meets the twisted wizard, Razzork. Suddenly, the adventure he wants is too much, and Darwin’t has to do all he can to carry out his task. Fans of The Eye of the World and Assassin’s Apprentice will love this magical fantasy adventure that will leave you excited until the very end.

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What Readers Are Saying

From the start the story is brought to life for the reader, his words are used in such a way that you can’t help but imagine the world Baron is creating. It hooked me from the very start. It’s a fantasy book however the characters are realistic and believable, they bring something to recognise and relate to throughout the imagined world created.” – Elizabeth Bell, Amazon reviewer ★★★★★
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Wings of Light was the first book I have read from Lloyd Baron and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. As a fan of large-scale epics such as A Song of Ice and Fire, I was delighted by the scope of such a brilliant fantasy adventure. This book has it all – edge-of-your-seat tension, spine-tingling horror, humorous moments, touching romance, brutal violence and heroic adventures!” – D.M. Cain, Amazon reviewer ★★★★★
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I must say that the author is a good story teller. Creating fantasy story is the hardest part for me as an author. I always amaze for them who can create story like this. In the case of Wings of Light, I enjoyed myself reading it. Most of the time I let my imagination fly up. What I like the most is the poetic part of the story. Overall, this is a well written book with great imagination.” – Joannes Rhino, Amazon reviewer ★★★★★
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About the Author

Lloyd Baron is one of seven siblings, with whom he spent his childhood growing up in a very noisy house. Even as a child, reading and making up stories was his escape. You can visit him at, and follow him on Twitter at @Lloyd_Baron.

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Preview the Book

Wings of Light is a coming-of-age adventure that will appeal to fans of fantasy, magic, magical worlds, dark prophecies, princesses, evil wizards, world-building, epics, romance, and determined young heroes.

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