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A Little Bit Hilarious by Kay McKay – A Romantic Comedy Novel for the Digital Age

A fun and laugh-out-loud read about internet dating in middle age with an appeal to rival Bridget Jones’s Diary but it’s even funnier, sharper and more wryly observed. The story follows Stella’s first experiences at internet dating following the breakdown of her marriage. Unprepared and ill-equipped she muddles through unfamiliar territory with humorous and sometimes […]

War and Vegetables by Robert Run – An Economics Satire In A Small Town

Recovering from the low-intensity warfare of corporatism. That’s what three college grads and a small town do, as they rebuild the town and their gas station, after decades of political feuds, finagling, and bail-outs. When no one is really sure who holds things together, who is responsible for training corporatist infiltrators, or what’s going to […]

Unrest by Sandra Ann Heath – A Coming-of-Age Historical Romance Novel

  Seventeen-year-old Annie Patterson is forced to leave the American Midwest. Traveling to Tehran, Iran with her mother and siblings to join her Lt. Colonel father, their entire family, the Patterson family, does not know that Iran is on the verge of change. Culture shock envelops Annie as she enters a world of black robes […]

Dragonfly Nightmare by Erin Richards – A YA Romance Thriller

  Sixteen-year-old Allie Bailey just wants a break. Luckily, Dragonfly Meadows summer camp is the answer. One summer away from her parents and with her best friends is exactly what she needs. But things are off in the camp. Excursions are cancelled and staff members are being replaced, and when the camp founder goes ‘missing,’ […]

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